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C.Y. Shipping Ltd, which was founded in 1994, has always been committed to expand the import and export routes for China and Hong Kong. With its good reputation and domestic connections built over past years, it now becomes the top one in handling China cargo in the trade; and provides fast and precise shipping service to clients with the branches and agents located across China.

Introduction of Air Transportation Division

Hong Kong being the biggest transshipment center in China and also the busiest transshipment center in the world, has the airport network covering more than 40 countries, and connecting 130 cities together in the world; and handled more than 20,000 tons of air transportation cargo each year. Since the cargo is frequently coming in and out, the clients have to select an experienced, safe and reliable air transportation forwarding agent to handle their precious cargo. Our Air Transportation Division has employed experienced staff and equipped with computerized management system, is able to send your cargo to the destination effectively and on time.

Our target: is to send the cargo to various large cities in China for lowest price with the best quality services. We cooperate closely with other air transportation forwarding agent; thereby make biggest discount available to our clients; and can make the most of the our advantage in combination with the broad forwarding network of C.Y. Shipping Ltd. In addition to going directly to more than 40 cities in China, the air transportation can connect to other places in China through land way.

In addition to providing the China route service specially, we also provide the service of the routes as follows:

1. The routes between Hong Kong and SouthEast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, America

2. The routes between China and various places over the World

Clients can inquire through our hot line at 3513 9080 Mr Mike Tang about the rates of air transportation to various places , which is fast and convenient.


Introduction of Transportation & Storage Division

In addition to providing the China route service specially, we also provide the service of the routes such as Hwavy Trailer, Forklift Car, Local Transporation and Cargo Deliver.

We are equipped with various size of trucks, including heavy trailer, 10 ton and 3 ton closed type vehicles. In addition to providing the service of fast collection and delivery of the cargo, we also operate the businesses of land transportation between Hong Kong and various places in China, including customs clearance, transfer between customs, customs declaration, collection and delivery of cargo and arrangements for handling.

Our warehouse is located near the center of Yuen Long, and is convenient in traffic, covering an area of 50,000 square feet in addition to parking lot covering an area of 20,000 square feet. In the warehouse there are equipped with driving road, which are rarely seen in other warehouses in Hong Kong, and which make possible the handling of the cargo in all-weather conditions. In addition with the 24 hours security, therefore the warehouse is safe and reliable.

We provide different storage methods. In combination with our logistic service, we can provide one-stop transportation service.

Logistics Center Address:DD121, LOT 1341 SBRP Ping Shan Section, Castle Peak Road,
Yeun Long, New Terriories, Hong Kong

Introduction of Logistics Division

The logistic management is the new trend in the modern transportation: it decreases the intermediary layers, and save costs. In addition with the help of advanced information and technology, we can control the stock, monitor the financial status and track the cargo and so on.

Although the logistic management greatly benefits the clients, it is only adopted by the big enterprise and holding corporation since the large amount of investments.

Therefore, our logistics division especially provides the clients with a series of safe, reliable, effective and low cost services and hope to enable the clients to benefit from the logistic services and not to pay much for it at the same.

Our logistic service has the characteristics as follows:

Provide free of charge short term storage
Arrange transshipment directly and reduce the transportation fee
Take the use of logistic concept and decrease the intermediary layers so as to reduce the costs.
Provide one-stop services of packaging, delivery, storage, customs declaration, stock inspection and so on.
Our enormous forwarding network in China is able to provide the service of collection and delivery of cargo in more than 200 Chinese cities.


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