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Established in 1994, with customer-oriented, premium service approach and continuous improvements, we had been grown from 4 founders to more than 300 professional staff. Every year, we handle several million tones of cargo to and from Hong Kong and China added to the rest of the world.

Our group is constituted by 3 companies, namely C. Y. Shipping Ltd., C. Y. Logistics Ltd. and C.Y. Container Line (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., with different specialization. We provide one-stop, comprehensive logistics services to local and overseas client, including sea, air, land, multimode, storage, packing, cargo insurance and customer declaration, etc.

With extensive network within China territory and comprehensive facilities, we can ensure that the cargo can be delivered to destinations safely and on time.

We care people and capture the Information Technology for value-added services. We have our In-House IT Support for software development and hardware maintenances so as to facilitate the efficient and reliable operations.
Coping with intense competition and clients’ demand, besides attracting professional staff, we are committed to investment on facilities. Our warehouse had been commenced in operation in 2004, this signifies our great leaps on our provision of logistics services

  Unit 518‐519, 5/F, Tower B, Regent Centre, 70 Ta Chuen Ping Street , Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.
  Tel : (852) 2815 0509 Fax : (852 2541 4926    
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